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What I do......... (Food

What I do......... (Food wise)

A crap load of rice (that I eat), and a crap load of beans (that I eat).

I mix it with various meats. I have salt, sugar, flour - basically a bunch of stuff that does not go bad for a long time.

General rule though is, prep using what you eat, and eat using what you prepped with.

Anything more I do is only inviting trouble if repeated, but just get some normal food that lasts a long time. And eat the supply, while adding more to the pile.

Now I can't say how long you need to have, but I have a nice long term supply of food for myself. But I doubt it will be needed to eat, it will probably serve as a trade material. Much longer than "sometime" and bands of people will be out raiding places. You don't have a chance unless you already have an army of your own.

Imagine a band of 4 folks, attacking a compound with 2 guards on duty at all time. No chance, compound fails. Because you have to sleep, they are not under attack, so they can sleep freely, then attack in swarm. They have the advantage - just because no one is after them.

So save enough stuff so you are okay for as long as you think some relative level of peace will last, double it, and call it a day. Once it's bad, the only way to be will to be the coyote. Roaming bands of killers - they will prosper.

There is a neat article about being a survivalist vs being an ex patriot over at - just hunt for it on the left side. They have a good point, and I'm going to choose to stay here as long as I can. I don't have exit strategy money like Bush does. But leaving the country does sound way easier.

Buy as much as you want, but the more you got makes no difference when someone wants what you got, and is well armed and you are asleep.

So - you need your neighbors and friends. You need to chose a place to defend, you'll need 12+ people (wild guess). It will not be as simple as "I prepped".