Comment: Congresswoman Jane Harman Caught Spying . Quid pro Quo.

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Congresswoman Jane Harman Caught Spying . Quid pro Quo.

Qui pro Quo

The New York Times, say that Democrat California Congresswomen Jane Harman was caught on the wiretap telling the suspected Israeli agent that she would lobby Bush administration officials to reduce the charges against the two members of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) accused of spying. In exchange, the sources said, the suspected agent promised to help her get appointed chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.
She asked for the un-redacted transcripts to be released. Let's go through them together, she taughts. Doesn't sound like a secret spy woman... But wait, who's that up ahead?

Name is Jane. Treasury Bond.

Secret agent woman... Odds are she won't CIA tomorrow, Secret agent woman.

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