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Hoka Hey! Where are we going?

Fishy you are a figther. You have known me for longer than you know and told us of your state. I have followed your posts with great interest and I do see you smoothing out. Never forget that you are a rather rare object, you are a WARRIOR FEMALE.

Let's not forget that war is brutal and ugly and somebody has to do it. And let's not forget that while is warriors charge into battle, it results in brutal and ugly things. I have not only worn a badge and a gun in my time but I also used to be part of an agency that provided "police services" and part of that job was picking dead bodies up from the desert.

And it is a non-desirable job. It stinks, it's ugly as you want it to be and you can't quite get it out of your mind. But there is a secret:

There is honor in it. To be the last taxi. To bear somebody's remains and deliver them into the care of somebody who loves them. And the only 2 times we found a DB, a dead body that had nobody, me and my Chief stood by their internment.

We were the last taxi. But our God loves us all, even the animals and the birds and the fish. "Trouble ye not about the morrow and what it may bring".

Consider ye the birds, they do now toil or reap and yet our heavenly Father feeds them,

Consider ye the lillies of the field and how not even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed such as one of these.

ok. i don't normally do this.

To the East and to the South and to the West and to the North, to the ones below who always listen and to the ones above that see everything,

to the land, to the wind, to the water and from the tall mountain


fishy i bless your eyes. I bless your feet. I bless your arms and legs. I bless your heart. I bless your long suffering husband. I bless his arms and legs and hands to strength.

I bless your body and your mind, may you continue in peace. And may you gain in the knowledge and grow strong and with grace like the dew that just evaporates with the rising sun and the promise of beauty,

may you walk in the Beauty Way and may your ancestors rise with your dawn. And to greet you and bring you home.

Now you are blessed.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.