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I'll tell you a sad story

and maybe it will have some happy parts.

We got called to pick up a DB, a deceased person from the desert and we have to dive for miles across 4-wheeling territory, we are one of the few agencies so equipped.

We get to the scene and this guy is in a Toyota Corolla and it looks like a pretty elaborate suicide scene, they guy had a vaccume clearner hose going from the tail pipe of his car and into the passenger compartment but my Chief smelled fowl play. As if a dead body roasting in a car for a few days doesn't stink enough. But the question was how did this guy make it up here in a Toyota Corolla? Didn't seem possible.

Now you have to know a little something about crime scene investigations. YOu don't just tromp in there in the field, not in the desert, you make slow circles and you observe everyting you can: tire tracks, boot prints, every object, every broken branch, every everything.

I made the call first. I knew this was a suicide and not a murder. Know why?

His car was pointed at the exact angle to watch the rising sun.

I made that prognistication and everybody, cops, deputies, my own Chief just stopped and looked at me. For a long few seconds all we could hear was the sound of our diesel engine purring away....

OK the proof?

I will never, ever forget this.

The guy had a paper note pad on his lap, a composition notebook just like we all used to have in school. And he had a number 2 pencil in his hand. And on the very first page of that notebook he wrote 2 words:

Dear Mom

And that was as far as he got. A brand new notebook with two words on the first page: Dear Mom.

And he died with the rising sun.

And whoever mom is, we gathered up this huge lunk, he was a very big guy and we stuffed him into a body bag and took him to the morgue and checked him into a freezer.

But i would like to finish his book if possible. He left plenty of pages left.

Dear Mom, mom, I don't know how to tell you this. I have done something so wrong and I don't know how to own up to it. Dear mom, I am in so deep now that I can't even tell you. Dear mom, I love you. Will you still love me?

We were the answer. We're not mom. We were what some people call "bounty hunters" but withhold your revilement of me for one second

while i tell you that we treat all persons alive or dead with respect.

And as ugly as it sounds, there is honor in it. And it's my honor now to be able to finish that man's sentence.

Dear Mom, I love you.

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