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Hi, Stephanie -

"I live in WA state, my hubs brings home deer, salmon and I garden."

Sounds like you're way ahead of most people already, or anyway
in a good position to take it up another level.

I think you're on the right track with the canning, etc. Preserving
storing and processing food requires some skills and equipment to
do, but not doesn't necessarily require a huge money outlay.

Some ideas -

A smoker for preserving some of that deer and salmon

Grain mill for flour from whole grains.

Some type of setup for threshing and winnowing grain
if you want to try some small scale grain growing.
(I'm pretty sure you could do winter wheat or barley
most places in Washington)

Pressure cooker/mason jars/lots of lids

Metal containers for storing grain and learn how
to use dry ice to fumigate your stored grain.

Learn soapmaking

Learn to make tempeh and/or miso

Any sort of renewable power system would be great,
of course - especially if it can give you basic lighting,
recharge batteries (including power tools), run a DC refrigerator
or freezer (well, we're starting to get into more serious $$
outlays there, though..).

Woodgas stoves are not that expensive and potentially
very handy.

I haven't done all that much of the above myself, except for
growing grain and having a small woodgas stove and minimal
solar lighting setup.

I guess there's no time like the present to get to doing more..