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Great Post!

I have been sounding the alarm about this particular topic for a long time and am at a loss as to why more people seem unwilling or unable to work together to stop it. Until this one issue alone is solved any real change is going to be next to impossible to achieve. We do not need to verify all the votes across the country to prove voter fraud in a court of law. We only need to be able to verify the liberty votes. If we could find a way to set up a secure website and promote it nationwide where people could go onto the site and register their vote, even if they are just given an id# exclusive to them to maintain privacy, we could verify the actual number of votes for whoever the liberty candidates are and check that against the publisized results.

I am not very tech savy, but do not think it would be too difficult for someone that is to set something like this up. Once we can legally document the voter fraud we can then litigate the matter in a court of law and force something to be done about it. If anybody is willing to give it a go I would be willing to donate my time to help with the process, as I would hope many others would as well.

This is a problem of paramount importance and must be dealt with if we are ever going to get these criminals out of power!