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Where in NC are you from? I grew up there, great state.

-DP is a forum. A forum is for discussion, news, and debate. Without the options for debating issues, even ones that you are uncomfortable with, there wouldn't be a DP, nobody would come here.

- The observations on the age of the earth (not the universe) is not based upon limited observations... there are many, many solid observations, and the age is important to geologists. These are not wild guesses.

It's so simple.. you see from the title what the thread is about, it's not cryptic. If you don't want to participate in debate, don't click the link! The fact that you have called it a great debate means that there are some of us who are interested in debating the topic. We're all free, for now anyway, to participate or ignore.

We have no problem calling people who don't understand the principles of freedom ignorant, it's such an obvious thing to us. Anybody who has really studied geology for their entire career probably feels the same way about people who ignore solid science in lieu of their personal religious dogma.

Rubio is getting called out on his pandering, not his personal beliefs. First he defers to science, then quickly backtracks and panders to his evangelical base.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose