Comment: I didn't understand "water wars" until I owned land out west.

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I didn't understand "water wars" until I owned land out west.

I believe water wars are the next "front line." My public education, which was supposedly very good, never said much about the water wars of the wild, wild, west. Perhaps that is because that "civil war" has never ended. Those who live in humid climates may never understand, but out here you really "get it" - water is life.
I am not certain, but I suspect that if I were to go steal water from my neighbor's well, he could shoot me and never be charged with a crime. I am pretty sure that none of my other neighbors would tell on him. It keeps us all friendly - we have a deep understanding of "personal property rights" and as long as it goes both ways, it is harmonious self-governance run amok round here.
So, you tell me Obama may make a land grab. I think you are right, but I think it already happened and will merely be expanding to include all land. (The UN already owns many of our National Parks. Did you know that? Look into it.) Here is the think - they want it all, and us gone or too numb and dumb to be anything but peasant slaves. But it is coming to a head now. Our water, our food supply, and our guns to defend our water and food supply.
I have never even been tempted to steal my neighbor's water because I know what will happen if I try. A move like this proves their desire for open civil war.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.