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my sprirt rejoices

glad to have you still on this side of the dirt
glad to be part of your tribe,but weren't we one in the same
even before we met?
i took myself off of prescribed meds,still have complications
but most are from the meds i was on(these took more than from me
than i can ever get back
we have lost some along the way,some fell others were felled
by others(i miss them,but they aren't gone)
sorry i didn't answer your question in your post
everyone dies,rich or poor,it is what we do and leave behind
that defines who we were,how we lived our lives defines what we were to become,is this the ultimate test? i believe so
i believe we are all given tests(if you will) in life to make or break us,make us worthwhile,or just taking up space
i have gone through some fires and tribulations,some of what i was,i am not anymore,but who i am going to be is more important
there are days my body revolts against my mind,and i have to drag it kicking and screaming at times(this makes the bad days seem not so bad)
seems i went off on another rant again(did i,this time answer a question?)

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence