Comment: LOL, Great satire! But if I may expand anyway...

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LOL, Great satire! But if I may expand anyway...

"Vaccines must be produced under quality control conditions."

LOL, So are grenades and C4... ever been to one of those plants? A friend of mine used to engineer the rooms for worker safety!

"Vaccines have saved millions of lives from once horrible diseases such as smallpox, diphtheria, and tetanus."

Great Orwellian phraseology!

Bombing Dresden, clean, kaput, washed of life, from all it's non-military life, since there was no military in that ancient city, saved us from the hordes of communists who run at us every time we stop bombing the Dresden's, Hiroshima's, and the Nagasaki's of this world! Never let a simple appeal for surrender get in the way dear FDR and Churchill!

Could I have slightly missed a few details there?

Or even better existentialism:

Wars have saved the billions who survived... by our declaration of peace!

Furthermore, killing tens of thousands of US soldiers, more than battle itself killed, during WWI, then selling the shots to every country who would buy, killing people in those countries, but no-one in the countries who did not buy the shots... still made enough profits to make more for future life saving/reducing efforts in subsequent years....?!

Was this also part of the Bill Gates concept? To reduce the global population for the good of the elite few?

"M.T. writes: "There is no scientific study to determine whether vaccines have really prevented diseases. " This statement is false."

His statement is absolutely true of course! Great posturing! Weak on passion. :)

"No logical thinking person should pay any attention to these antivaccinationists."

LOL... The best of Orwellian references! Love it!

(BTW, and to think I might just be a licensed physician... shades of horror gasps my Alma-mater! :)