Comment: Turn It Around On Them.

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Turn It Around On Them.

"I don't mind slavery, as long as we have good healthcare".

At their core, individuals who support socialized medicine are advocating for the violation of our basic liberties in order to provide a new fictitious human right - the "right" to healthcare.

This is very contradictory and impossible to defend. On the one hand they emotionally and morally support this new human right of Health Care yet they fully embrace and support the destruction of our existing (and eroding) basic human rights of property and money in order to bring about this new fantasy of Slavery Health Care. It's illogical!

Make them question how healthcare is now a right, but to keep what you own is now not a right? Ask them how "safe" people can be in a government in which health care is a right, but keeping your OWN property and money is impossible BECAUSE of this new right to health care? It's illogical and impossible for government to violate our liberties to "defend another liberty".

Attack them by turning their principles back around on them. It's been my experience that the socialists often argue this from a moral perspective even if they're atheist/agnostic. Turn that around on them and explain to them that the right to protect your life, property and money is more important than violating those liberties in order to provide free health care.

You can go further. Why not steal from everyone to provide the following;

Free food.

Free clothing.

Free housing.

Why is Healthcare more of a right than say a right to food, clothing or housing? Are those any less necessary? They may "dig in" if you embarrass them like this but you might actually be making more progress than you realize. In a few years you might have an ally. Always argue from the "I used to think like that" point of view. Let them know that you used to be the same, until you learned x,y,z. This can ease people into the idea that they're wrong because you also used to be wrong so they can calm their ego down a bit. Good luck.