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Find common ground

I would say something like "I don't mind paying 11 cents more if the employees have access to affordable, high quality healthcare either. I think affordable, quality care would be great to have."

And it's true!

Then start finding some points that both you and the lefties can take some shots at.

"But what really gets to me is how everything has to go through the healthplan corporations! It seems a little cozy for the for-profit healthcare corporations to lobby to make laws that all healthcare has to go through them."

Then point out how medicare and medicaid also all go through the big corporations. Have your grandpa take out his health insurance card - sure enough it's not US govt but it is Blue Cross or Cigna.

Now talk about how monopolies can hurt people. Oooh! Lefties hate monopolies!

But wait! most monopolies at least have the refuge of people at least not purchasing the product. If my local business is gouging me, I can always stop buying even if I can't find a competitor.

Hmm... Obamacare has a mandate. It's a corporate monopoly enforced by the government. It's like a super monopoly enforced by guns (OK, maybe don't say the last part).

If you can explain a little about how monopolies often drive costs up, that would be good.

And, wow, Massachusetts already has six years of experience on this plan. How are there insurance premiums these days? Oh, highest in the country. 17% increases every year. Interesting!

Hmmm... but I'm a nice person and would still pay 11 cents more per pizza for healthcare. How else, though, might people get affordable, quality healthcare?

I mean, the employees' healthcare costs are borne out of the pizza at some point, since all of their money comes from paychecks, and all paychecks are paid from selling pizzas (this is a bit of economic slight of hand anyways).

And so on.

If they are going to be big hearted, virtuous progressives, at least get them onto single-payor or something. Obamacare itself has enough to make people of all persuasions barf.

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