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I wonder.

Yes. "Formaldehyde is used to kill the bacteria." Not healthy to inject in arms.

Yes. Only a little ammonium sulfate (e.g.: pain relief). The effect of ammonium sulfate injection on peripheral nerve. Kobayashi J, Mackinnon SE, Langer JC, Hertl MC, Hunter DA, Tarasidis G.

Department of Surgery, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
Abstract: Local anesthetic drugs with prolonged nerve-block effect would have clinical application for postoperative or neuromatous pain relief. This study evaluated the possibility of peripheral nerve neurotoxicity by injection of 10 percent ammonium sulfate. Both intrafascicular and extrafascicular injection of 10 percent ammonium sulfate were tested in the rat sciatic nerve model. One percent lidocaine HCl, 5 percent phenol, and normal saline were similarly injected for comparison. Using histologic studies and motor function evaluation with walking-track analysis, 10 percent ammonium sulfate was found to be neurotoxic when it is injected intrafascicularly; however, extrafascicular injection of this drug did not cause significant nerve injury. The neurotoxicity of the 10 percent ammonium sulfate solution was intermediate between the neurotoxicity of 0.1 percent lidocaine hydrochloride and the marked neurotoxicity of 5 percent phenol solution.

Thank you. I hope you do not endorse required shots.

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