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"I believe in absolute

"I believe in absolute separation of church and state, don't you?"

Depends on the context. take schools as an example. in an ideal world, this is a private service provided by private sector companies... fulfilling every disparate need. Like all other goods and services provided in a free-ish market, it's reasonable to expect that one could find a decent quality at any price point (think shoes, food, etc)

So even the poor atheist families could send their kids to the secular school; even the poor christian families could send their kids to a christian school.

However, enter the state monopoly on education. As would happen were the state to monopolize any other good like shoes or food, this crowds out any private firms producing these goods, save for the very high end of the market (rich people).

So once we're in a situation with the government monopoly on education in place, Because the low-end free market secular and christian schools no longer exist (thanks to govt monopoly), everyone other than the rich has to now deal with the one monopoly school. And each group understandably pulls for it to be taught in their way.

I think focusing on "ZOMG the crazy christians want christianity to be taught in public schools" misses the point entirely. Why the fuck are we in a situation where what other people want to teach their kids has any bearing on what your kids may be taught? Imagine if there was one shoe producer and they would only make ONE type of shoes. Let's say, due to popular support, that one type is decided to be really gaudy basketball shoes with lights on them. Would you focus on the retards who want the govt-shoemaker to make these shoes in lieu of focusing on the real problem: why the fuck does what sheos the dude up the block buy for his kids have any bearing on what shoes my kid can wear?

tldr: the problem is the state, not religion.