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I know I was referring to a

I know I was referring to a whole heap of discussion I see fellow DP subscribers have been having relation to not only politics but the economy, race, history, current events, etc. What I have issue with when I see some people debating these topics are that they allow their inner feeling to take hold over there decision making and begin to classify other individual, put other individuals and events in nice neat boxes ready for delivery and public consumption not understanding that there is more history involved there is more context and nuance needed so that all parties can better understand each other. Example, I was having a discussion a few weeks back with a gentleman after making certain claims about Obama as it relates to what he perceived as so many African Americans on welfare not knowing African Americans only makeup around 12% of the population and that White Americans receive statistically a lager portion of welfare benefits then any other race. Others made many other unfounded claims about voter fraud. So I provided public US government census statistics with linked sources with downloadable PDF|DOC|XLS.

Food Stamp Use By Race* (as of the 2010 FY)

Whites: 35% participation | 63.7% of US population

African Americans: 22% participation | 12.2% of US population

Hispanic: 10% participation | 16.3% of US population

Asian: 2% participation | 4.7% of US population

American Indian: 4% participation | 0.7% of US population

Unknown race: 19% participation | 0.2% of US population

*Sources: U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Census


Now i'm not an Obama apologist but individuals have to understand that you wont be taken seriously by others by blaming others for your own individual social and fiscal failures in life. This is why we constantly lose in debates and some feel that its the 47% fault without having a more deeper understanding of whats socially occurring around them. We make these statements because this may be the perception in our niche circles but it is not the reality and our counterparts will attempt to discredit not only us as individuals in the Liberty movement as they’ve tried to with Ron Paul to no availed do to his notably respected grasp of history but also the movement in general as a whole. This is not direct to you but for others that may read this post and this comment. READ and LISTEN, really read and listen carefully make sure you understand what your saying and your debating. Not just regurgitate perceived Liberty and shock jock talking points because individual debates are what makes the difference. Changing hearts and minds in your community are makes a difference and as soon as you get caught spout fallacy because it makes you feel good or allows you to justify your own personal feeling on a particular issue you will not only discredit yourself but also the movement you purport to represent.