Comment: If it smells like shit, it likely is.

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If it smells like shit, it likely is.

I can smell these treasonous fucks a mile away.

I have a "friend" that's "Libertarian" and when I mentioned the Roger Stone connection, he went ballistic, I must have touched a nerve. I've had my doubts about him early on and have never trusted him.. Something about the way he acted just didn't sit right.. Almost as if he was being friendly just to sway me to Gary.

The "NeoCON-Libertarians" that permeated this board while Gary was running were some of the nastiest hypocritical, no principled people I've seen in awhile.

The dude only got 1.1 million votes.. I saw a post on some of Texas elections and a few of their local people got more votes than Gary did on a National level.

I think the infiltrators are finding out that you just can't fake real Libertarianism.

I don't know about the rest of the Patriots here but I'll be around when all of this starts again so you can count on at least one person having a VERY long memory.

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