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Campaign For Liberty

I've heard "Campaign For Liberty" and seen many educational YouTubes and read many great, exciting, work being done, and speaches by Ron Paul and many others with C4L. In those speaches "Restore the Republic" was a campaign motto, in 07/08 it was "Hope For America", and then Freedom is Popular.. and I hear Ron Paul refer to the rEVOLution, a very few times (only once for sure) "Liberty Movement". It's got a good "coin" to the phrase.. but the Liberty Movement is to me, "grassroots": people who get the message their way and do what they believe is the way to achieve liberty.

Liberty is the sum, but there's many goals in the rEVOLution, which are more concrete, and do not include, going to airports and passing out flyers without permission. I think it was a positive experience on many levels, but it's not how I see Campaign For Liberty, or those who joined the GOP to take the party, and face off with the Neocons.. not write about them on DP, but face them, work to achieve our goals. Theirs is to educate the public, our is to educate and transform the GOP.