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I'm in the process of thinking, or re-thinking.. because so many things here are not new to me. Many of the issues we are discussing today we were discussing half a decade ago, and for me, even longer, because DP did not "wake me up".. I couldn't do the GOP in 07/08, so I really understand the PREJUDICE many people here will not cop to, but the fact remains, they have the same ideas I had and they employ the same arguments I did.. and they are where I was.. it's not that I'm better.. it's that RP rEVOLution was always about getting into the GOP. My campaign experience was night and day, from 07/08 when I absolutely under no condition would join the GOP, to "bittling the bullet" and getting a seat. And I am very happy I am not alone. That would make it very difficult.

I thought it would be great to have a place like DP to discuss what we are expereiceing on our committees, inniatives, resolutions, platforms from differenct states, who was being groomed for jobs with who and what offices people were going to run for. GOP is a big active party, so there's a lot to do.. and we have resources..

One of my dreams to to make a float.. a GOP float for peace, sound money.. a drone drill. I think it would blow the Indy's and Democrats minds. But locally we can do things like this, when we have the votes and the support on the committees.

So for me.. I read a lot,, I ask a lot of questions as to what is really the motivation or goal? If it's "gurella art".. ok..but does anyone think passing out flyers is going to acheive liberty if no one shows up to the meetings and get involved politically?