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I think C4L is a brilliant idea that has been needed a long time. As a granger I was taught Roberts Rules of Order and how conventions are run, respilution, the lobbying side.. and I noticed that there were few opportunities for people to learn and exercize what they learned. C4L teaches that and how you can work within the party on many levels. If you have interest in being a politician, C4L is a great place to start.

My understanding is it is open to anyone, however, it is Republican Party focused.. that is the party, one of the legs of the beast, we have decided to take.. at least it is my understanding, and experience, as a Republican,.. the campaign.. we all know being a Republican isn't the "in" thing right now.. so we are treated well I think, being given credit for stepping up and taking a seat.

I think you should get involved.. seems anything with Ron Paul is for self starters and sustainers. They are not going to hold your hand.. but you learn so much, you feel like they are holding your hand, even though they are not. I would attribute that to the usefullness of the information they teach.

I'd go for it. GOOD LUCK!