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The valuation of goods results from what people are willing to pay for that particular good given their wants at the time. When the price is raised, consumption necessarily decreases. The optimum market price minimizes production while increasing revenue for the producer. Production beyond the optimum level decreases revenue. In addition, over-pricing or under-pricing also decrease revenue. Due to this natural pricing mechanism, the price cannot simply be passed on to the consumer. As a result of the price increase due to the additional overhead created by government, there will be less demand for the pizza. Naturally, because less pizzas will be consumed, less employees will be needed to prepare and deliver the pies. Ultimately, all businesses affected will decrease the number of people they employ. Rather than having healthcare provided by their employer, many people will find themselves unemployed unable to afford any healthcare at all. As a result of healthcare being mandated, those newly unemployed people will have to have healthcare as well. After all, it's a right. But... healthcare is not free. So, as the number of unemployed grow, the remaining, ever-dwindling part of the population that is productive will be saddled with an ever-increasing burden imposed upon them by government forcing them to take care of the others that through government policy have become unproductive. Eventually, everyone is reduced to poverty. Socialism will continue to fail, regardless of the planners benevolent intentions.