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The reality check segments

are now posted on the WXIX webpage. To be brutally honest I haven't been checking their website. As far as the solo stuff, it does seem he's either building a video resume or is simply just answering our call for just and fair journalism; or both answering the call and making a few bucks off of youtube videos. I don't think he will really get enough views to make much money on youtube though, so maybe he's simply being philanthropic. Actually thinking about it, it probably costs more to produce the youtube videos than ad revenue generated.

In any case I think it's pretty neat.

I would have never noticed Reality Check or Ben Swann had it not been for the Daily Paul. He's the by far my favorite person in the world of news.

I don't do any youtube/gmail or whatever or else I would subscribe to his channel. Hopefully people keep posting videos here. I got my mom to "like" him on facebook though and now she watches his videos, at least she says she does. Which is one good thing. :)

Actually she was going to vote for O'Bama, but after watching Ben's interviews (I know she watched them because I was there) she decided to vote for Romeny, which is good to shake things up, although I wouldn't call it much of an intelligent vote, not to her face.

She just went from a liberal candidate to another liberal thinking he was actually conservative. I tried to get her to vote for Ron Paul, but at least she (I think) is starting to wake up. Kinda a late bloomer, hehe... Not quite there yet, but getting close. I eased off of feeding her info and now I just toss a tiny morsel in her direction so she can come to her own conclusion.

But her vote against O'Bama angered my Dad which I found comical. I explained to him they were both of the same cloth and not to take it personal, then he got angry with me. :)

Ben Swann: The Doogie Howser of journalism. Ha! Thank you Ben. Think big!

Wouldn't it be great if Ben replaced some windbag like Hannity or Rush? To bad media is controlled and operated by the elitists who tell people how to think.