Comment: It all boils down to Corruption and Blackmail

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It all boils down to Corruption and Blackmail

The International Bankers who own the Federal Reserve Bank essentially have unlimited funds. They entice key people (congress, Supreme Court Justices, heads of media & corporations, etc.) to enter into corruption so they can be blackmailed into backing key things on the bankers agenda (They also actively keep extensive secret dossiers on key people on all illegal activity tax evasion, pedophilia, you name it). That's why we see illogical things being supported in government and in the media like "We shouldn't audit the Gold", the Banker Bailouts, John Robert's switch in favor of Obamacare, or the political correctness that "we mustn't disrespect the lives of those lost on 9/11 by suggesting that maybe the WTC Towers were blown up." It's instructive to watch this two part interview here:


For a good overall picture of getting into the mindset of the bankers and what their agenda is see this: