Comment: Again, I ask the question

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Again, I ask the question

Would Ron Paul vote for government labeling? We are asking the government to force companies to label their food. Your asking for the same people who are probably paid for by Monsanto to force labeling. Remember, Ron Paul stated that the best regulation is the free market. So, do we abandon the free market because Monsanto has a monopoly, because they are corrupt and evil? This isn't very libertarian, and it's not something Ron Paul would stand for, and it makes us look like hypocrites. There are already companies who CHOOSE to label their food "Non-GMO", so support them and take money away from those that don't label. Vote for politicians or call your politician and get them to take legal action against Monsanto for polluting farmers fields with their seeds, with out permission. Their are many ways to defeat Monsanto without violating the constitution, and with out abandoning the free market principles.