Comment: Good stuff. Thanks.

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Good stuff. Thanks.

However, you are right about the conjecture. I really doubt they made it to the moon during the war even if they could have (which I doubt). After all, what strategic advantage would that have provided, particularly compared to spy satellites and satellite communications?

I do have some tantalizing conjecture of my own, as follows.

943-44 Schweinfurt Raid - NAZI saucers allegedly used against allied aircraft to great effect, "foo fighters" officially report by allied fliers during many raids in 1944


Fire bombing of Dresden
Germany surrenders, NAZI elite allegedly escapes to Antarctica underground base
Atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Japan surrenders
United Nations founded


Kenneth Arnold's first report of "flying saucers"
Admiral Perry's disastrous expedition to Antarctica, reports in Congressional Record of "fighter aircraft capable of flying
"Flying Saucer" crashes at Roswell
CIA created
Israel founded under United Nation auspices, Zionists being NAZIs strongest ideological allies and Star of David also
a symbol of hyper-dimensional physics, allegedly used for "flying saucer" propulsion

1945-61, above ground nuclear testing by US, USSR, Great Britain, France, China. Kruschev announces USSR possession of "superweapon" capable of destroying a continent (reported in HEW YORK TIMES)
1961 Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, Antarctic Treaty banning ALL military activity in Antarctica

Perhaps the Dresden raid and the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were a message, not to Stalin, but to the NAZIs in Antarctica that the consequence of a "UFO attack" would be the nuclear destruction of the NAZI Antarctic facility. Perhaps Kruschev's announcement involved the planned deployment of "Tesla cannons." making the continued "saber rattling" of above ground testing unnecessary
After all, UFO reports are especially frequent above facilities known to house nuclear weapons. Also, it has been reported the CIA has primary responsibility for gathering and suppressing UFO evidence.

Also, since "sunspots" are DARK areas on the sun, perhaps the interaction of the sun and the black hole in the center of the galaxy on December 21, 2012 will darken the entire sun, hence the Thule Society's "Order of the Black Sun".