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Comment: Drive a truck. Working on my

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Drive a truck. Working on my

Drive a truck. Working on my second year. You get to see the country, and have an understanding that when crap hits the fan, there are plenty of places to go. Plus, all I do all day is listen to political podcasts, and enjoy the scenery. You'll make better money and won't be owned by the government. I just quit and now am doing local work. Got to see all but 4 states. Whenever news happens you get to say hey I've been there! Plus, you won't be using stolen money, and if you speak out you're not going to get killed in some made up way by the military. Look at Bradley Manning. Do you really want to be in that hero's shoes? A lot of companies will pay for you to grt your cdl as long as you commit fo work for them for a year. I did all my crap with swift. It also affords you opportunities to talk liberty on the CB radio. More truckers understand liberty, probably because we get harassed constantly by the gang called govt, and well, trucking is freedom!

One world, under government, with power and money for the elite