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cool, but in a creepy way

we really are far down the line, aren't we? Now we're writing clandestine messages to each other on torn paper bags. But it's true, the word is getting out. There was a peanut butter recall at Trader Joe's (a western grocery store chain). I read the on-line article and then I read the comments. People were posting that we should recall congress (and getting many thumbs up). There were many anti Monsanto comments. There were many anti FDA comments, such as: they want to shut down US companys down so we'll have to import all our food from other countries, with worse standards. And other delightful comments. Probably more anti government comments than the "thank heavens for the FDA protecting us all" comments.

At Thanksgiving this past week, my in-laws were talking about the guns they have and which ones they want, and which country is more likely to attact us (China was it, in their opinion). In my 8 years of knowing them, I have never heard them talk about such things. I didn't know they had guns. They are neo-con republicans. They don't know the enemy is within and don't care to know about it...yet.