Comment: My mother forbade me to join the military

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My mother forbade me to join the military

She was not strict about anything else. Don't give yourself to those unnatural men, with machine hearts and machine minds. If you don't like being a debt slave, you're really not going to like being a slave slave. I like the start your own business idea. Maybe you can cater (weddings?)or make meals for people in their homes. Some people have made fortunes just by making salad dressings in their kitchens and selling it to gourmet shops. I know the government likes to step on the entrepreneurial spirit so do some research before you start. What kind of people live around you? Old folks? Deliver dinner to them. Young folks? Midnight food cart. Yuppies? Cook their dinner parties in their homes for them. Maybe you can get your parents to join in the business (doughnut shop?).
How about selling your car and getting a job on a cruise ship? That gets you out of your parents' house and lets you see the world. You could work in the kitchen or somewhere else.
My friend started her own pet sitting business and she was really scare to do it. What if no one wanted her service? What if her phone didn't ring? I told her to have faith, people a lot less intelligent and organized than she had succeded. So she did it. And her business was a success. So many people do not have the courage to open their own business. Have faith in your ability to make something from nothing. It's been done for centuries.
Good luck!!!!!