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my guess is

he would say its all a fabrication based on what he claims in this video.

people are running around trashing Stalin's good name, communism cannot result in killings. Its a conspiracy!

I work with a Ruskie. he is 50 or 60 ish. I made the mistake of trying to crack a joke about the KGB and GRU being similar to the FBI and the CIA. The next 10 minutes of conversation were the most chilling I have had with a person face to face.

I hate the police state here as much as the next anarchist, but he literally said you never talked about the KGB because you would disappear if you did. They didn't have high tech surveillance, your neighbors just turned you in. The whole thing was managed by fear. It was extra creepy because you could tell he had tried to forget those horrible days as much as he could and had to strain himself to remember things. like I said chilling