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Comment: Daydreaming... Not even of a better world...

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Daydreaming... Not even of a better world...

I would :

1. fire congress

2. fire senate

3. fire the supreme court

4. reassemble the people for new elections on the houses, with :

4.1) each candidate writing an individual essay of their understanding of the Constitution and how it relates, specifically, to their economic views on money and how it works - with focus, emphasis on the Section 10's content

4.2) the people read those essays and vote for their representatives on that basis, and reappoint themselves the judges by 75% majority votes

5. loop back to bringing on the table :

5.1) repeal the 16th Amendment

5.2) repeal the Federal Reserve Act

6) present to the people the balance sheets of every single U.S. department and by constitutive agencies - making accountable every single heads past and present, since 1971

7) then, them and the people can start discussing "economics" again


But I fear this might seem way too heavy duty to a number... :(

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