Comment: Sadly Ben Swann

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Sadly Ben Swann

is parotting populist sentiment without thinking. Such simplistic populism has spread even into RP speech over the weekend.

Let's focus together - "No country will tolerare rockets coming on their territory."

"Tolerate" in this context obviousely means "to put up with; endure." In gay bathhouses' master-and-slave arrangement, tolerance to suffering may be based on will, mutual understanding or desire. In real world, however, such tolerance comes not from the willingness, but from inability to respond. Yemen does not "put up" with US rockets, it simply cannot fight back.

Now back to Israel vs Gaza: the conflict is about group demands. If Americans could tolerate rockets from Mexicans wanting Texas back, then welcome to masocism. If not, Ben's talk is just populism. The fact that Israel indeed put up with Palestinian rockets for years shows Israel's mature self restrain and its concern about Gaza civilians who are being used as human shield. Arabs in Gaza confused such self restrain with masocism.