Comment: A brief history of the recent drugs trade

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A brief history of the recent drugs trade

After WW2 the major source of drugs was the Golden Triangle and the drug of choice was opium/heroin.

Indo China were French/ex French colonies.
It was little wonder that Marseilles became the drugs capital of Europe.

When the French gave up on Indo China in the 50's, America and the CIA moved in.

When America lost the Vietnam war and were kicked out of Indo China, a new source of drugs had to be found.

Colombia and Central America became America's new source of drugs, the drug of choice became cocaine.

Turkey's role in the opium trade.

In Afghanistan now, President Karzai and his family are heavily involved in the opium trade.

There is a whole web of intrigue around the CIA, HW Bush, the drugs trade and money laundering.

The following articles are instructive in putting the drugs trade and drugs money into perspective.

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