Comment: Paul Craig Roberts is excellent but ...

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Paul Craig Roberts is excellent but ...

I love to read Paul Craig Roberts.

He is an ex policy maker, and ex inside man on the government.

But once again, I was dissapointed when I clicked on the link, to find myself on the website of the stupid, egotistical, lying, disinformation shill Alexander bullhorn Jones.

This Alex Jones guy is the type of shill, where you take a important topic, and he then puts outlandish spin on it like adding in things to make people that regurgitate this mush look stupid.

I will be a happy man, when I never see this idiot, Alex Jones posted on Daily Paul ever again!!

And what is more annoying. Whenever I search for something on the internet, and I am looking for REAL information. Well this assholes website or Youtube video turns up every time. It pollutes my search for the truth, and the high hit ratio on search engines, as well as the lies he regurgitates just confirms what I already know about this creep.

If you want information from PCR, then go straight to his website