Comment: Here is an Overview of a 2012 Research Study by a John Hopkins

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Here is an Overview of a 2012 Research Study by a John Hopkins

Professor, Eran Israeli-Elhaik, proving what Shlomo Sand and earlier research done by a former Zionist Jew, Arthur Koestler, that gives empirical facts to their statements.
This biggest problem I see with those who call themselves Jews is, that they have been manipulated through their religion called Judaism, mainly by their secret Books of the Babylonian Talmud, in believing they are a superior race and the gentiles are virtually cattle (goy) to serve them. The name they use, Jew, is another misnomer, where they associate with the tribe of Judah, but the definition of 'Jew' means they are from the geographical area of Judea, which was never in historical record only occupied by the Isrealite/Hebrew people. Those so-called creation of a people, Palestinians, are originally dirived from the Biblical people, the Philistines, who never left the region, as well as others. Zionism, is a myth created by the evil man who claimed to be the true messiah, Sabbatei Zvi, and later his protege, Jacob Frank, another evil SOB who made the same claim. The Rothschilds, folloers of the Sabbatean/Frankists are the ones behind the eventual creation of the unbiblical creation of the state of Israel. This is proven by many sources, but is documented by the way the 'Balfour Declaration' is worded. If you research the lectures of Benjamin Freedman, a former Zionist covert to Christianity, who sat in cabinet meetings during Wilson and Roosevelts terms, he tells how the world wars were designed to create the Zionist state.