Comment: Orders of magnitude, ballparks, silly maths, and all that....

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Orders of magnitude, ballparks, silly maths, and all that....

First :

Thank you, NowOrNever for the useful refresher below.

Just adding : U.S. gold reserves estimate = 8,100+ tons = 8.1 billion grams = ~ 260 million ounces = ~ $ 455+ billions

Hence, a total assets = ~ $ 7 trillions.

Second :

Of course, we DO NOT want to overthrow a government which now openly pledges allegiance, GIVES AWAY billions $$$ to foreign banks and nations, including one, with initial "I" in the middle east, undeclared nuclear power; a government which can now kill citizens without trial, let alone charges, and in total secrecy; which now openly implements a U.N. global agenda for resources management and planning, including in birth control and population distributions; a government which now implements also the second half of the communist manifesto under the disguise of fancy bling bling CRAPitalism (fascist CRonies cAPitalist-ish thieves), etc...


We want to HELP such a wonderful government and the people it subjects, rules, manages, allocates, conditions, engineers ... in brains and bodies, thru food it serves, and drugs it decides about good or bad.

Here is an idea :

how about making the government work less - rent seeking is so demanding for them, physically - while still growing along with its cotton money supply ?


The government to work LESS and keep growing with its servants it needs to sustain with paper/cotton.

But with a RICHER 99% for the rest of us, and a more humble 1% fraction of the others, who prefer paper and stocks anyway (though they like gold, too... when they have half a brain).


It is easy to guard 8,000+ tons of gold. That fits in a building.

But so much land... They gonna need many more public servants to keep maintaining all that... All over the place.

I encourage WHOLEheartedly the dear government to print always more money to sustain its many more public servants...

... meanwhile, to alleviate their charges, the rest of the people, you know, those who PRODUCE actual things to eat, keep ourselves under roofs, and such...

We can HELP with not having them servants and regulators and friendly bureaucrats worry about silver anymore : it is so scarce, in proportion already, though in absolute quantity 16 times as much as gold.


So, who else of a few millions Americans is with me (us) to get, say, 10 ounces of physical, for the (ONLY !) 100 million ounces consumed YEARLY in the U.S. (circa $ 7 billion) before dear government has issues building a closet large enough to hold it ?

Or... before dear gov't has issues printing enough cotton money, and fast enough to match our cute moonlight metal's value (in volume we'd own).

Sounds like A REAL BARGAIN for us, the cooperative people, to HELP dear government on that one, doesn't it ?

We don't want dear government and its dependents to be bothered by silver if they have, by would-be sad and sooo "unpredictable" misfortune, to struggle crushed under Everest mounts of cotton money, do we ?



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