Comment: Wow, really? To assume any institution is good

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Wow, really? To assume any institution is good

Is to be naive and ignore the nature of human beings. Power corrupts. Institutions such as the UN continue to try to make international laws, thus expanding their power and with every "law" they make that we give into, the more power they gain over our lives. Before you know it, we can only eat certain foods and visit certain websites. What is good to some is not good to others. The road to hell is paved with good intentions and most of these things are done with good intentions for the people, but only ends in the oppression of them by not allowing people to live as they want to.

Plus, it's ridiculous for anyome to assume that the UN can effectively govern and know what's best for a an entire world of 7 billion + people. What may be good for one place may be devastating to another. Hence, this is why we want/why a decentralization and representative forms of govt like a states rights, constitutional republic, are generally much more effective at governance than centralized powers. Don't be naive...the UN isn't good.