Comment: Scary...especially the clapping

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Scary...especially the clapping

What's interesting throughout history (besides communist regimes killing its citizens) is that communism is defended by a revisionist form of history saying big centralized govt is good and everyone lived in harmony. Now besides the millions of people who lived through it that say otherwise, here we are, growing towards that very same system ever so slowly and yet we see its horrific outcomes and it is an exact mirror of those things we claim communist regimes did. So you tell me how we're wrong and how we can expect different as the state expands its power?

The state currently kills its own citizens, arrests those who peacefully protests, limits speech, controls the press, and the list goes on. How can we seriously consider this guy's words when our country is already doing these things more and more and we're not even fully communist? How can a state have total control without total tyranny? This includes killing people to keep the blinds on people's eyes and keep them in line. This guy is a liar and those who are clapping need to seriously consider what is going on in our country and consider what an expansion of our state would look like...the answer is a Stalinist regime.