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This is so fundamental it gets lost in the shuffle. The poster below who is worried about his insurance going up to cover the uninsured... everyone ASSUMES that everyone else wants access to doctors and hospitals. I want access to a Rife machine, to vitamin B-17, to cannabis oil. WHEN DO I GET THE LIBERTY TO CHOOSE MY OWN HEALTHCARE?
I was the clinical director for the biggest eye clinic in Idaho. I know exactly how "modern medicine" works and I want no part of it. For trauma, they are fine. They know how to stitch and cut and cut and stitch and they know how to prescribe drugs. THEY DO NOT TRY TO CURE. I want you to really think about that - our healthcare system is run by men and women who have been educated that they cannot cure disease. Truly, I would prefer snake oil. Knowing what I know about fish oil and coconut oil and such, I suspect the snake oil may be more beneficial than the drugs currently being prescribed to TREAT SYMPTOMS - not cure.
So, do I get free snake oil out of the deal?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.