Comment: Ever heard of "no fault" insurance?

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Ever heard of "no fault" insurance?

It is how free people would do it.
I can't believe everyone is fussing about this. They mandated auto insurance and everyone complied. Now I have to buy enough insurance to cover the other guy's car that is "worth" more than everything I own, while I have enough sense to drive paid for vehicles. OK, push them from time to time... But no fault insurance forces him to cover his own risks and me to cover mine.
ALL insurance is a scam to make the banksters (wait while they slip into another hat) rich on insurance money, and the derivatives and such they play. Did you know most employers insure employees to THEY get paid if the employee dies? Not a benefit to the family, just a little "cha-ching" for them.
In a free society, you cannot force me to buy anything.
How is that confusing you?

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