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Holding back a great deal here

There's a great deal I want to say and a great deal I shouldn't. What I will say is this isn't worthy to be called news. What do we care what Marco Rubio believes? We know how he stands on policy and that should be enough. His religious/scientific beliefs are his own and not our business. The only reasons anyone would be interested is either to bash, to incite, or to justify their own beliefs. We really don't need any more posts on this site that have anything to do with religion or religious beliefs, which is implied as the topic. Age of the earth holds no greater place than in the incredibly dated argument between hardline evangelist "Always have to be right" types, and "Always have to be right" scientific types. Arguing either way is pointless because neither group will give and everyone goes away feeling insulted to some degree. I'm not saying I don't understand that feeling. I normally love a good convo on such things. And I have a whole slew of areas I'd focus on to prove my point, but like I stated at the beginning of this. I'm not going to add, I'm trying to squelch. Marco Rubio isn't a person we're interested in getting elected, we know he's establishment, why do we need any more information concerning him, especially tabloid level stuff like this?

Matthew 10:16