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Its to complicated

I drove 750 miles to see Ron Paul at USF.I asked three young adults sitting next to me at the rally if they voted for Ron in the primaries.They said no.Liberty and freedom in my opinion is to complicated for many nowadays.Like cooking and gardening for ones family.I know a lot of people who commented on my Ron Paul bumper sticker the last two years.I am sure it was to complicated for them vote for him in the primary too.I am glad the good Shepard Ron Paul retired from congress.The flock got to immoral and lazy. Many just wanted handouts. He will aways have his free thinking supporters and good friends. those that listened to him and followed his advice will always be alright.Time to go for a walk and enjoy the day.Then go down to the garden pick some greens and cook some lunch.Many would whine saying that's to complicated.The word complicated seems to mean to much effort,to hard to do,unless their standing in line on Black Friday. Fighting and working for Liberty and freedom isn't much of a priority like shopping nowadays.These are the days of our lives.

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