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Comment: I wasted a few minutes on this video

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I wasted a few minutes on this video

then I saw the rebuttal link below and had some renewed hope.

Then I went to and read the reviews of this book by Furr's fellow travelers.

so sad.

The whole purpose of this book is to gain credibility for communist thought, which apparently is very easy amongst the under 30 crowed, who have little to no memories of anything communist or much in the way of stories from their elders. They want to believe they have been lied to about communism in this country, so an appeal to their naivete is so easily made by a "learned" scholar such as Furr (no doubt, we all have been lied to in US "history" class). But Furr lies to his audience are as good if not better than accepted US "history".

When I hear lefties, liberals, socialists and communists talking about "fact checks" I know the snow job is coming. "Fact checking" is their new bludgeon. Be warned, anything done under the rubric of "fact checking" is now gospel to them.

They see it on the internet at "fact checking" sites, so it must be true. This is all this book is, one big "fact check" on Khrushchev's speech. It must be true!