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Leftist.. schmeleftist

You belong to many collectives where you participate socially for "the team" and not yourself, and that would include any marriage.

MY republican party is collectively political with the abiity to morph within it's collective to serve those who are the majority. The GOP was infiltraited by leftists who employed "dirty tricks to take it and keep it". We in to take it from them. Apparently you don't like this. Well too bad.

I'm not inheiriting the mantle of shame perpetuated by MSM to detour people from joining the GOP, and restoring the Republic.

You believe a third party will do it, and my experience of three campaigns, 5 camapigns I was aware, but three I worked very hard for open debates and ballots for third parties.. know what I think we did really? We "checked" the system so that a third party or Indy will never tise to the top without corporate funds. Not in my lifetime. So I see Ron Paul's stratigy as an opportunity.

The GOP is my party now, and while I'm not a fan of what it is, I'm working for what it can be, much more than any third party.. because it is the biggest third party.