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That isn't my argument. I am

That isn't my argument. I am simply making the point that without the mandate, you are on the hook for someone else's medical care anyways.

But on the question, a correlation does not imply causation. Healthcare was also cheaper in the 1500s, when spitting on a wound was considered medicine, and people were lucky to live to their 40s.

I do think that the prominence of health insurance contributes to our increased costs. Not only because they have to take 20% up top, but the lack of negotiation between provider and customer (a middle man) causes higher costs to the disadvantage of the customer. However, I think a much bigger reason why healthcare costs have gone up is the declining health of the average American. You also have EMTALA and higher pharmaceutical research costs.

A question for you: healthcare is cheaper and much more efficient in industrialized nations that have more socialized health care. How do you explain that?

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