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You need to look up the definitions of "populism" ...

... and libertarianism and see where the overlaps are. I am talking about fundamental principles embraced by people covered by both definitions. You are attacking RP and BS saying that they are parroting populist sentiment. That implies that if many people hold an opinion then RP and BS should, arbitrarily, not also voice their agreement with it.

Just becuase many people agree that you should eat and say, for example, that you should follow the Golden Rule does not mean they "think collectively" or have a "class interest". There are certain basic concepts that are just obvious to thinking people. Not all broadly held principles are from "herd" or "mob" instinct.

You are voicing opinions you seem to have, or their opposite, and implying that I have them when I did not go near them.

You are using the "straw man" tactic to try and invalidate me as you are invalidating RP and BS because they happen to agree with something glaringly obvious to a large percentage of people who have in common that they like to live and let live.