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I hope

Paypal wars is a very instructive little pamphlet sized book, as it documents this present battle between monopoly and competition, or more precisely the battle between crime made legal and liberty being legal.

It could be said, and accurately documented (at least from my viewpoint) that those people who started Paypal (including Elon Musk and Peter Thiel), paved the way for higher quality and lower cost competitive forms of money, such as Bitcoin.

An example of this paving of the way includes those registration software inventions that are now called CAPTCHA (individual credit goes to Max Levchin.

It may be a good idea to begin thinking less in terms of what is very, very, very wrong, EVIL, in our world, and begin thinking in terms of the accurately measurable better path.

This individual CHOICE of accepting a competitive money payment is, as you have reported, a litmus test, for anyone to know precisely which side a person is on, and when the person in question refuses to answer a precise question, as to why they choose not to allow competition in money markets, that can be known accurately as a confession by omission.

This is very serious business.

This is the survival of the human species stuff, not to be taken lightly.

If there is a public announcement as to why a person does not allow monetary competition, and this challenge right here specifically, where the forum operator makes the conscious decision to not allow Bitcoin as payment, then more can be understood as to that individuals freedom to choose as he alone has the power to do so, in that specific case.

Presumed to be innocent is a very important part of Liberty.

In my opinion, however, a non-answer is a confession, with little room for doubt, and a false answer is exactly what a false answer is in fact.