Comment: Stalin and his friend the belief in authority

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Stalin and his friend the belief in authority

Even though he shares greatly in the responsibility of the killings that did happen, most likely thousands of "normal" people just "doing their jobs" in the army, spies or police did the killing, because they believed in the idea that you can be a robot and escape responsibility for your actions, called statism or the authority fallacy. The belief in the validity of "authority" is what enables this to happen.

Otherwise, how can one explain why millions of ordinary people could be controlled by a ruthless few psychos? If we can give up the supposed comfort of looking to some authority to "save us", the most damage psychopathic people can do is what they can do with their own two hands. They would no longer have the safety of separation from the act and the pretense of "government" to hide behind, which it seems just excuses evil acts for most people. Things government does -- ack! there I go attributing physical acts of human beings to that mythical ethereal object of government! -- or rather things people do while pretending to be government, are just pinned on the label government, and voila!, they are guilt free, not to mention, performing "public service for the greater good". It's amazing how the "greater good" can be made up of millions of people having things less good. The "greater" good is always the one you are not a part of, it seems.