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Exactly what then, has been substantiated?

The burden of substantiation is with those making claims of evidence. There simply has been no evidence released other than evidence that shows that nobody has seen any evidence. It is not Robert's burden to show proof that there is no evidence to back up the Navy's claims but instead the Navy's burden to show proof that they did what they claim to have done. Besides the fact that the Navy can not produce a single witness to the burial at sea, the Navy has not been able to at all show that all the Seals were present and accounted for after the first helecopter crash which we know for certain took place in the compound in Pakistan yet we are to believe all of the men aboard that helicoper later died in a subsequent helicopter crash.

And such is also entirely seperate from the unequivocal reality that despite the supposed greatest law enforcement effort in the history of the country, the most competent agents of this country's law enforcement entities were unable and are still to this day unable to find evidence to substantiate an indictment in absentia against OBL for any crimes committed after August of 1998.

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