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um . . .

Ishmael WAS Abraham's son and DOES have claim to the blessings--

God never wanted the sons of Abraham to quarrel; that was their human choice, and there wasn't a good guy and a bad guy (though the Bible would like you to think that)--

Ishmael was punished enough for Sarah and Abraham's choices (and the choices of Hagar)--

Ishmael is part of the covenant, like it or not.

And though Israel had 'enemies', Israel was also an 'enemy'--

it's time to get rid of the white hats/black hats--(though generally the Jews wear black hats and the Arabs white, literally--kind of funny)

the Muslim faith is no more deficient than the Jewish faith--

There are devout and very good Muslims who are basically Christians at heart, and there are devout and very good Jews who are basically Christians and heart--

the others . . .--

it helps not to label and collectivize--

Yes, God did covenant, again, with Jacob (Israel), but it was never intended to strike Ishmael out--

God is inclusive, not exclusive. So when religions become exclusive, they are unGodly--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--