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Complete and total

Complete and total guilt-by-association propaganda crap.

Stratfor(bad guys)

-Acquainted with and partnered with

Parker Media head Parker

-Who at some point hired Maroney for seven months

Then Maroney interned at Strafor

Maroney Worked for a State Senator

Maroney now partners with Infowars.

Therefore Infowars is bad.

Don't you see all the assumptions that are necessary for this to be remotely relevant?

All Parker Media employees are corrupt because Parker might have been corrupt.

No one would work for Parker Media unless they were corrupt.

All State Senate employees are corrupt.

Every Parker Media employee worked on Stratfor project.

Working on Stratfor project makes one corrupt.

Stratfor interns are relevant.

See what I'm saying? The weak-minded among you are being preyed on. Don't fall for it!

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