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Who has yet some digging to do, other than me?

"how does one gain control of a large amount of gold and silver when it, and only it, is money? where would they keep it, in the basement? hoarded away not invested in some venture? not in a bank drawing interest while the bank lends it?"

I keep digging. But those questions above appear to be easy to answer in an accurate way. Who owns the most gold right now, how much do they own, right now, and what are they doing with that gold, right now, and if that is not known, or very costly to find out the accurate answer, then that proves the point.


Answer the question, if I'm the one who needs to dig deeper.

Who owns the most gold, how much as a percentage of the whole supply is owned by that one person, or collectively owned (so called) by that one group, and what are they doing with all that gold - exactly?

If the answer is I don't know, and I can't find out, and it will cost too much to find out, or I don't care, or it doesn't matter, or anything other than ACCURATE and PRECISE answers, then that money is powerless money compared to a money that can provide the exact answers at a push of a button on a computer terminal.

Note, anyone, that this is the point.

When a money is not accurate it is by that definition fraudulent, or as may be worthy of note, the property that that money has is lauderability.

If the money can be "laundered" then the money is laundered by that word since money laundering is a false way of saying that fraud is being perpetrated by someone upon someone. context, if China is buying up a lot of gold, or if the traitors among our "countrymen" are moving all the gold in Fort Knox to China, so as to win World War III, then Gold, in that context, is fraudulent money.

And again, if the people who own the most Gold, by coincidence, or because the majority of gold ownership is required "to keep it scarce" and "out of circulation", if those same people then, with or without that majority gold ownership, start confiscating gold again, then they gain more of it that way, and they have done that in the past, so in that way, that money is no longer money for all those people who can't afford it anymore.

So what do they do then, after the gold is spirited away as if by magic?

Make whiskey at home and use it as money?

As if that hasn't already been done more than once.

" not in a bank drawing interest while the bank lends it?"

Ask any of the know it all Austrian Economists how much interest gold generates - please.

Dig at least that far further down, before suggesting, if that is what you are doing, suggesting that I need to learn something from you.

"And how does one flood the market with gold and silver? do they just throw it out the car window? or do they buy stuff that others created for sale?"

Gold and Silver as a form of launderable money, fraudulent money, is not at this time even remotely likely, which is the point, in fact.

There is no need to control the victims with Gold and Silver by adding and subtracting, creating The Business Cycle, with Gold and Silver, since the fraudulent digital legal money systems, such as The Federal Reserve System, works very well at the moment, and the replacement is not likely to be much different, the replacement will merely have a new label, perhaps a change of color on the paper, and a new web page or two.

The PRINCIPLE is the same. One money has to be forced, by fraud, threats of violence, and violence, or there is competitive money available, choices.

No choice, use this money, and do not question it.

Many people choosing the best money which drives the quality of the money produced by the producers who compete UP, and the same force of competition (many choices) force the COST down.

That is the PRINCIPLE offered, so you can either see it or not, and it does not matter to me either way.

"And how does one flood the market with gold and silver? do they just throw it out the car window? or do they buy stuff that others created for sale?"

No, that is not the point, not the PRINCIPLE involved. When The Federal Reserve System can create Stated Income Loans, Liar Loans, and force them down the Pyramid, upon the victims, they don't need to throw Gold out the window. Is that condescending?

"When gold and silver are money then things are much different in how they are held and used."

Gold and Silver, Guns and Bullets, or Barrels of Oil, work very well as storage for POWER to purchase.

"When gold and silver are money then things are much different in how they are held and used."

Gold and Silver are money, but they are not Legal Money required in payments of Federal Income Tax, which is the point, here, to point out how people, many people, can defeat the Legal Criminals by utilizing competitive monies more than currently done by people.

There is no way around the fact that the battle is a battle of numbers.

More people have to begin choosing alternatives to the Fraud and the Extortion that is now legal.

Bitcoin, Paypal, E-Gold (Crushed?), The Liberty Dollar (Crushed), Gold, Silver, Oil, Electricity, Wildcat Banking, a Utah State Gold Banking System, as many competitors as needed, to force The FED out of business, and if that happens, that competitive way, then there won't be a new World Reserve Currency Fraud Power to take the place of The FED once the criminals are done with that False Front as they move operations to China.

"Now look at bitcoin. How hard is it for the rulers to control the internet and thus the use of bitcoins? Or watchout for that powergrid app on Rockefellers smartphone. He may just cut you off."

Again, that is the point, as many competitors as are necessary to increase the work load of those people who use the power they steal to steal more have too many COSTS and not enough POWER to cover those costs, and their power wanes, the tide turns, and competition RULES, which is voluntary rule, not despotic rule.

Paypal was taken over. I think E-Gold was corrupted, fined, people put in jail. The Liberty Dollar is a similar story, and this is not news, there have been competitors all throughout history, such as Whiskey as money, CRUSHED, gold as money, silver as money, and the point is to point out that competition, if there is enough power (in numbers) in it, wins.

What is better?

Fraud or Accurate money?

What is better?

Low cost or high cost money?

To who is fraud money better?

To who is high cost money better?

Who are the ones, the actual individual people, who work to make money scarce, or to be more to the point, who are the people, the individuals, who want to make money abundant for them, and scarce for everyone else?

"How hard is bitcoin to use for people that don't know much about modern conveniences like toilets let alone computers?"

In Africa, where inventive people live, they began, and may still be using, money in the form of cell phone "minutes".

That is another example of many competitive forms of money, which is the point being pointed out, even if you refuse to see it.

"There isn't a perfect money but some are definitely better than others."

Better for who?

What is the measure of being better?

Are you being exposed to sunlight with those questions? Will you shrink from exposure to those questions?